In one form or another, youth football has been around in Reisterstown since 1970...Kiwanis, Jaycees, Pop Warner, Optimists, and Reisterstown Rec.  This area of the website is dedicated to looking back at some of those days from long ago.


Cardinals-Eagles 1982

In 1982 one of the ancestors of the Mustangs was Optimist Football.  In 1982 there were two teams:  the Cardinals and the Eagles.  This program was donated for scanning by one of the Eagles players, Bryan Gruver, who, for the last several years, has been a coach with the current Reisterstown Mustangs.  View the program here: Cardinals/Eagles


Reisterstown Area Tackle Football Program 1970-72

As far as our research has indicated, the first youth tackle football program in Reisterstown was known as the Reisterstown Area Tackle Football Program. According to the Kirbys, this is how it all started:

"Ron was in Parkville one day and saw a little league football game. Was impressed and thought it would be a good idea for Reisterstown. At the next Reisterstown Rec. Council meeting, I brought up the idea of a football program for Reisterstown. The president of the Reisterstown Rec. Council was receptive and decided to start a little league flag football program to see if the community was interested. The community accepted this idea. BIG TIME. The committee was formed with myself, Roy Snyder and Jack Gallagher (deceased). The Baltimore Colts being on top of the NFL also helped. We were also encouraged by Harry Coulter who was involved the the Baltimore County Recreation Council."

Soon after the flag football league's success, the Reisterstown Area Tackle Football Program came about. They were basically an in-house program where the officiating was handled by program members as (unpaid) volunteers.

As an independent entity, it only existed for three years before the tackle football program was taken over by the Optimists (no details on that part yet).

Our thanks go out to Ron and Norma Kirby for providing copies of the booklets available via links below...

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